Official Look! Meet Sqwid —The First NFT Marketplace on Reef

Sqwid NFT Marketplace

Sqwid’s top-notch NFT marketplace features

  • Extremely affordable gas fees — $0.17. Today’s gas fees are making NFTs less accessible (and affordable!) for creators, buyers, and new-to-NFT people. This is why we’ve made our average gas fees only around $0.17!
  • Use NFTs as collateral. You can use your NFTs as collateral and apply for loans directly on Sqwid. To learn more about the loan feature, check Sqwid’s documentation.
  • Awesome and reliable IPFS storage. Sqwid relies on the widely used and supported IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) protocol for storing NFT files and metadata, ensuring reliable, predictable storage and sharing of data between peers, and the ability to store large files, doubling Sqwid’s filesize support compared to most marketplaces and allowing for more complex and higher quality NFTs.
  • Custom royalty fees. Creators can set up a custom royalty fee as well as multi-split royalty fee to recognize multiple creators or license holders. This is great for collaborators or licensed content!

Sqwid’s journey to Reef Chain

Want to get your NFT on Sqwid? Connect with us!



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