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Kanaloa Network to join Reef Finance’s vision to Make DeFi Easy!

Reef Chain opens the gates to yet another team of talented individuals wanting to help the Reef Ecosystem grow and expand further. Kanaloa will bring a whole new meaning to non-fungible tokens with their use-case based NFT’s.

Kanaloa Network aims to improve accessibility and security across the DeFi industry worldwide. Participating in the network will enable a trustless, commitment-based entry point to decentralized finance (DeFi) and tokenization of assets for all parties involved.

Kanaloa has its digital asset and utility token, KANA, at its core, along with a variety of tools that will soon be available to all network participants…

Jax.Network is joining Reef Finance to “buidl” on the Reef Chain!

Reef Finance is happy to welcome Jax.Network, a secure, scalable, decentralized blockchain protocol, to build on the ever-expanding Reef Chain Ecosystem.

Jax.Network is a merge-mining operation on Bitcoin’s blockchain that aligns with Satoshi’s vision for electronic cash — to provide a reliable blockchain currency for day-to-day payments — achievable through the JaxNet protocol’s native currency and stablecoin JAX. Its economic model leverages a sharded PoW mechanism that allows miners to mine Bitcoin and JAX coins simultaneously and reward their computing power proportionally.

As with other merge-mining operations in general, the primary purpose is to earn multiple currencies through a single…

Forward Protocol will build on Reef Chain!

Reef Finance is thrilled to announce Forward Protocol is joining the Reef Chain ecosystem!

Reef Finance is happy to welcome Forward Protocol’s innovative strategy to improve learning and deliver a decentralized, self-sustaining ecosystem to a global audience as well as creating interoperability and gaining wide exposure, with the Reef Chain’s user base joining forces with Forward Protocol’s English Forward, the largest English learning community on the internet with more than 310 million users.

The collaboration between Reef Finance and Forward Protocol will provide a decentralized learning system in an affordable, transparent, fast, and easy-to-use infrastructure by building with flexibility and…

REEF coming to BitMart!

Reef Finance is excited to announce a new exchange listing for its token: Reef Finance (REEF) is coming to BitMart.

Launched in 2018, BitMart managed to attract over 2.2 million users in the last three years alone, with an impressive liquidity and an average 24-hour trading volume of over USD 1.2 billion.

BitMart is a centralized exchange based in the Cayman Islands. It also has four offices located in New York, Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong.

With BitMart’s FIAT partners, you can use your credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal account, etc., to directly purchase tokens using US Dollars, Euro and…

Last month, we introduced our Ecosystem Map, broken down into categories of DeFi, Security, Investors, Exchanges, NFTs/Gaming, and Wallets. Little did we know, over the last few weeks we’ve had an overwhelming interest in building on the Reef Chain and welcomed even more collaborations to the ever-growing Reef Ecosystem, as well as announcing the launch of the Reef Mainnet.

With over 200 smart contracts deployed on its testnet, and thanks to a successful audit by Halborn, a leading blockchain security firm completing the final and necessary steps before launching the network, Reef Chain was delighted to announce its full mainnet…

Reef Finance is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Pinknode to provide secure and reliable API endpoints for Reef users.

Pinknode is a Polkadot-only protocol that aims to empower developers with its node-as-a-service solutions for accelerating product life cycles by removing an entire layer of inefficiencies and complexities. Pinknode’s mission in the DeFi space is to build leading infrastructure and exceptional tools for developers. These tools will empower teams to build upon and boost the development of the most promising Web 3.0 protocol, Polkadot.

“Pinknode’s team would like to say a big thank you to Reef Finance’s team for…

Oddz Finance is a multi-chain option trading platform built on Binance Smart Chain. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies over major blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Polygon, Elrond, and BSC. Through their in-built Oracle solution and Machine Learning (ML) powered algorithms, Oddz offers users a seamless on-chain option trading solution.

With a surge of crypto investors entering the DeFi space, there has been an increasing demand for financial instruments to help investors hedge their risks. Options trading offers to fill this gap. Through options trading, traders can simultaneously earn income and hedge their risk in the market.

An option is a…

Reef continues towards its vision and goal of making DeFi easy for everyone. Last month, we took more steps towards making this a reality. Today, in our monthly May update, we celebrate our booming social community, new partnerships, and new projects on Reef Chain, and participating in the community.

Let’s take a look at May and celebrate together.

May 2021 Quick Snapshot

  • Passed 172k+ followers on Twitter
  • Confirmed five new partnerships: Benchmark Protocol, DEIP Network, Lendefi, Polkalokr, & Realm
  • Launched three new projects on Reef Chain: Reef Chain Developer Support Program, ReefStarter, and Reef Chain Mainnet Canary Version
  • We held…

We are pleased to announce the launch of a $20M Grant Fund for developers to expand the development of Reef Finance’s Reef Chain.

The $20M Grant Fund will be used to help onboard and equip developers with the necessary infrastructure needed to build out the Reef ecosystem. We’re looking to attract top-notch talent who are interested in building the DeFi applications of the future with us.

We truly believe in the development community and see developers as the frontiers in the adoption of solutions within any blockchain. Working with the development community is important to us, and important for working…

Reef Finance is excited to welcome Realm into its ever growing Reef Chain ecosystem. Realm is a community-driven open-source project to create personalized metaverses. As a multichain platform, Realm aims to create a new paradigm in the NFT space with living NFTs and magical realms.

With Realm, users can discover an infinite number of metaverses, collect pets with cross-chain genetics, and create their own (or with friends!) realms. By building on the Reef Chain, Realm will leverage Reef Chain’s high scalability and throughputs while drastically minimizing the gas fees imposed on platform users on other EVM blockchains.

Realm closed its…


The first cross-chain DeFi operating system

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